CORROSION 2020 to Focus on Education, Meetings

CORROSION 2020 to Focus on Education, Meetings
CORROSION 2020, NACE International’s annual conference and exhibition, will return Marach 15-19 to the George R. Brown Convention Center, in Houston. Photo:

HOUSTON, TX - March 5, 2020 – CORROSION 2020, NACE International’s annual conference and exhibition, will return March 15-19 to the George R. Brown Convention Center, in Houston.

Each year, the conference offers a series of technical symposia, forums, committee meetings, an exhibition and other events related to corrosion mitigation and prevention. Attendees include corrosion engineers, scientists, researchers, technicians, asset owners, inspectors, contractors and other corrosion industry professionals.

The following is a sampling of the protective-coatings-related sessions and events scheduled to take. For more information, including the complete CORROSION 2020 advance program, visit

Exhibit Hall Events

In addition to the more than 400 exhibiting companies, a number of special events are scheduled to take place on the CORROSION 2020 exhibit hall floor throughout the week.

Protective Coatings Workshop, March 17–18

This interactive workshop, designed for coating applicators, inspectors and contractors of all experience levels, will feature discussion and presentations from coating industry leaders about new and emerging technologies and techniques and best practices from experts. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with fellow contractors, inspectors and suppliers. This year’s topics include:

  • Robotics in inspection;
  • Surface preparation standards and rust grades;
  • Virtual reality in training and testing;
  • Scanning dry film thickness measurement, equipment and procedures;
  • The economics of coatings and coatings inspection;
  • Understanding how coatings adhere to substrates;
  • Coatings in wind farm and offshore wind environments;
  • Wet abrasive blast cleaning;
  • Avoiding premature failures; and
  • Corrosion under insulation.

Coatings Experience, March 16–19

Returning for 2020, this area of the exhibit hall will introduce those interested in coatings to the ins and outs of application, surface preparation, inspection plans and coatings selection in a fun and interactive way.

Corrosive Chronicles

The Corrosive Chronicles theater, also located on the exhibit hall floor, features interactive corrosion-related presentations from industry experts and NACE staff, as well as the annual CoatingsPro Contractor Awards presentation ceremony.

Tuesday, March 17

  • “Hexcorder Pro Digital Combined CIPS/DCVG Pipeline Integrity Surveys,” presented by Pat Yaremko, Cathodic Technology, Ltd.
  • “Leveraging Water Repellency Technology to Mitigate Corrosion Under Insulation Challenges,” presented by Jack Blundell, ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation

Wednesday, March 18

  • CoatingsPro Contractor Awards Program
  • “Does Your Report Tell the Story?” presented by Sean Browning, Pond and Co.


Each year, the CORROSION symposia comprise formal technical presentations on recent or ongoing research by authors representing a wide range of corrosion industry sectors, including students. Session times and specific presentations are listed on the official website.

Monday, March 16

  • Combined-Effects Material Degradation Under Atmospheric Conditions
  • Marine Corrosion – Research in Progress
  • Thermal and Cold Spray Coatings

Tuesday, March 17

  • Inhibitors – Vapor Transported and Surface Coated Rust Preventive
  • Nanomaterials and Coatings Technologies
  • Role of Sustainability – Research in Progress

Wednesday, March 18

  • Marine Corrosion – Ships and Structures (Day 1)
  • Oil and Gas Coating Technology (Day 1)
  • Power Industry Corrosion

Thursday, March 19

  • Marine Corrosion – Ships and Structures (Day 2)
  • Oil and Gas Coating Technology (Day 2)


NACE forums gather industry leaders for informal panel discussions and Q-and-A sessions focusing on the different issues affecting corrosion mitigation professionals.

Monday, March 16

  • “NACE International Water Forum: Sharing Owner/Operations Best Practices and Contrasting New and Old Technologies,” presented by Jessica Torrey, Materials and Corrosion Lab Bureau of Reclamation
  • “Selecting the Right Surface Preparation for Performance,” presented by David Hunter, Pond and Co.

Wednesday, March 18

  • “Premature Coating Failures – Common and Uncommon Causes and How to Investigate Coating Failures When They Occur,” presented by Mike O’Brien, Mark 10 Resource Group, Inc.
  • “Thermal and Cold Spray Coatings – Processes, Applications and Challenges,” presented by Shiladitya Paul, TWI; James Weber, James K. Weber Consulting, LLC; Frank Prenger, Grillo-Werke Aktiengesellschaft; and Dave Harvey, TWI

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